Marjorie’s Journey: On A Mission Of Her Own


Ailie Cleghorn

Category: Biography & Memoir, Women’s Voices
: 9781910895474
Format: Paperback
Pages: 152
Price: £9.99  Kindle Price: £5.99
Release date: February 2021

Marjorie’s Journey, On a Mission of Her Own tells the compelling story of Marjorie, a courageous woman who sailed to South Africa with ten children during WWII.




“[Marjorie’s] life and her own words bring us intimately into a very special world, one that was initially dangerous for her and the children, but which, in the end, and because of Marjorie’s determination to provide each one a happy childhood, became a safe and loving one.” From Marjorie’s Journey On A Mission Of Her Own.

Marjorie’s Journey: On A Mission Of Her Own is a story of courage and kindness. Against the frightening backdrop of World War II, a young Scottish woman took ten children by ship through the waters of the Atlantic from Scotland to South Africa. Here, she set up a home for them called Bairnshaven. This biography is an unusual portrayal of motherhood, nuclear family and love. Marjorie’s story comes to life through diary pages, letters, telegrams and photographs. This true story is a fresh take on the role that women played during the war, highlighting their strength and courage, and focusing on hope and unconditional kindness.


Professor David McCrone writes of Marjorie’s Journey that “It is testament to the triumph of the human spirit; that one woman could have achieved so much simply by force of will, in the context of a fairly miserable childhood, and against all the odds” – Scottish Affairs

Carol Rowan writes for the Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth that, “Cleghorn’s text provides the contemporary reader, student, and scholar insights into the construction of white privilege and at the same time opportunities to reconceptualize notions of ‘family’.”

About the Author

Ailie Cleghorn is professor emerita from Concordia University in Montreal. As a comparative sociologist of education her research took her to several African still-developing primary and pre-primary school settings. As a result, this neatly ties in with Marjorie’s story, who herself trained as a Montessori teacher. Ailie was born and raised in Canada, however, her mother was from Scotland. Marjorie’s Journey: On A Mission Of Her Own is her first book published with Scotland Street Press.