From Corsets to Communism


Jenny Robertson

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: 978-1-910895-32-0
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
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Release date: May 2019

‘I had only one eye, I was hungry and cold, yet I wanted to live… so that I could tell it all just as I’ve told you.’
-From Zofia Nalkowska’s Medallions (1947)

Witness to two world wars and Poland’s struggle for independence, Zofia Nalkowska’s commitment to telling unspeakable tales is her gift to European literature. Nalkowska’s own story of ill-judged love affairs, family loyalty and survival is remarkable in itself. Yet, her determination to record other’s truth, however painful, ties her fate to a nation whose battle for identity is both brutal and romantic. Drawing on her own background as a poet and Polish Studies graduate, Jenny Robertson’s literary biography celebrates the achievements of a pioneering, pivotal female writer whose love of life, not only propelled her to fame, but gave her the courage to witness atrocity.

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About the Author

Jenny Robertson studied Polish at Glasgow University and spent a post-graduate year in Warsaw where she continued her exploration of Polish life and culture. Ghetto, a collection of poems (Lion Publishing 1989), was shortlisted for a prize and read in the Edinburgh Book Festival. Jenny pursued the theme of the Warsaw Ghetto in Don’t go to Uncle’s Wedding (Azure/SPCK 2000). She writes for the Holocaust journal, PRISM (Azrieli Institute NY).