66 The House That Viewed The World


John D. O. Fulton

Category: True Stories, Biography
: 978-1-910895-412
Format: Paperback
Pages: 300
Price: £9.99
Release date: December 2019

“… how lives interconnect, how we are all creatures of our time, how rich and complex life is in this sometimes shy and reticent city. Not for a moment does our interest flag. This is who we are, even if we have never entered the door of No. 66.”

– Alexander McCall Smith

The builder of the White House, the hero of Aboukir Bay, a murderer who inspired Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a decadent society hostess…

Set in 66 Queen Street, a townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town, this book tells the story of people and events associated with the house for 210 years from 1790 and whose lives were empowered by the Scottish Enlightenment. The diverse characters range from heroes to villains, and from people of conscience to subjects of tabloid scandal and moral prurience.

Edinburgh emerges from its past to become the intellectual, banking and professional capital of an enlightened Scotland. The story reflects how our modern world is shaped but above all it is about its people; some masters of their circumstances and others prisoners.



About the Author

John D. O. Fulton

The author, born and brought up in Edinburgh, is a lawyer who for seventeen years worked in the building at No.66.  However his practice developed an international client base through regular visits to Hong Kong, Singapore and China over twenty five years. Amongst  appointments he has held are: Treasurer of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet, Chair of the Clark Foundation for Legal Education and a Director of Asian Growth Properties, Hong Kong. He has four adult children and lives with his partner in Edinburgh’s New Town