Press Coverage

Don’t Look Down

Roger Chisholm’s new book featured in The Scotsman. Read the article here:


7 Criminal Minds

‘It’s a crime for a debut to be this good, frankly.’ A great recommendation for Errant Blood.

BBC World Service

Mona McLeod discusses her experiences as a ‘Land Girl’. (26.9.2017)

Scots Whay Hae!

‘[…] reminiscent of Iain Banks, and I do not say that lightly.’ Glowing review of Errant Blood. (29/5/2017)

Undiscovered Scotland

‘Superbly constructed literary thriller’ First review of Errant Blood (26.4.2017)

STV News

Sara Trevelyan on her life with Glasgow gangster Jimmy Boyle (5.3.2017)

BBC Timeline

Watch Sara Trevelyan’s interview on BBC iPlayer. Stars at 7:40.  (2.3.2017)

BBC Radio Scotland

Listen to Sara Trevelyan’s interview on BBC iPlayer. Starts at 1:42:45. (5.3.2017)

Herald Magazine

Freedom Found: Sara Trevelyan on her life with Jimmy Boyle (25.2.2017)


I met Moors murderer Myra Hindley but we didn’t dwell on violent past, says former wife of Jimmy Boyle (25.2.2017)

‘A combination of derring-do and naivety’. Nine Months in Tibet, by Rupert Wolfe Murray (10.9.2016)

Sunday Times

Feature: A marriage made in prison and ended in solitude (26.2.2017)

News: Boyle’s ex wife in prison plea (26.2.2017)

Times Literary Supplement

Review of ANT (June 2015)

The Press and Journal

Book Review: 9 Months in Tibet by Rupert Wolfe Murray (15.10.2016)


A Different kind of travel book: 9 Months in Tibet (17.12.2016)