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Black Snow Falling by L. J. MacWhirter

BSF Front updateCategory: Historical Fantasy (Young Adult)
: 978-1-910895-21-4
Format: Hardback (B Format)
Pages: 250
Price: £12.99
Release date: August 2018

The black sky empties itself. Shadows tumbling without end…
In 1592, a girl with spirit is a threat.
Ruth has secrets. An old book of heresy belonging to her long-absent father. A dream that haunts her. And love that she and Silas hide from the world.
When she is robbed of all she holds true, her friends from Crowbury slide into terrible danger. Hope is as faint as a moonbow. Dare Ruth trust the shadowy one who could destroy them all?
This is a story about hope overcoming evil, written with satisfying moral complexity. Ruth’s devastation breaks apart time. She sees that her hopes and dreams are a visceral halo of rainbow colours spinning to white… and that evil dream thieves are severing these halos from sleeping victims, many of whom she knows.
“A powerful new mythology” Anna Claybourne, Author

L. J. MacWhirter is an international award winning advertising copywriter and an accomplished presenter. Black Snow Falling is her debut novel for young adults. She lives in Edinburgh with her family.

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