International Women 2021

2021 marks the first year in which Scotland Street Press promotes a themed publication list. The theme is ‘International Women’, and it will feature authors and poets from Canada to South Africa, from India to Scotland.

As an independent publisher, Scotland Street Press has always been committed to promoting diverse and underrepresented voices. This year we have decided to do so by publishing women from around the world and from different backgrounds. Our list comprises poetry, biography, fiction and a children literature. “International Women 2021” also explores a variety of themes, such as motherhood, the Covid-19 pandemic, and much more, both through the written word and art.

Below is a sneak peek of our books.

Marjorie’s Journey – On a Mission of her Own, by Ailie Cleghorn

A memoir by Ailie Cleghorn. Against the frightening backdrop of World War II, a young Scottish woman took ten children by ship through the waters of the Atlantic from Scotland to South Africa, where she set up a home for them called Bairnshaven. An unusual portrayal of motherhood, nuclear family and love, Marjorie’s story comes to life through diary pages, letters, telegrams and photographs. Marjorie’s Journey – On a Mission of her Own is her first book published with Scotland Street Press. (February 2021)

A Song to Keep, by Olivia Findlay

The first book of poetry by Olivia Findlay who grew up in South Africa and now lives in the Highlands of Scotland. Artist Domenica de Ferranti has worked together with Olivia and produced charcoal drawings to complement the poems which are both metaphysical and modern. (May 2021)

Pangs of Partition, by Bashabi Fraser

In June the poet Bashabi Fraser and artist Vibha Pankaj, both from India, now living in Edinburgh, explore transnational tensions in poetry and paint. Inspired by Tagore, this collection explores human fragility and resilience. (June 2021)

Iambic Pandemic Diary, by Traci O’Dea

Traci O’Dea’s Iambic Pandemic Diary collection of poems documents life in isolation during Covid-19. Traci’s innovative use of poetry lies in her molding it to the diary form, thus creating a current documentation of the pandemic. Coated in irony, this diary of poems still tackles themes of grief and isolation. Her father, the artist Tommy O’Dea created the art that accompanies these poems. (July 2021)

Firkin and the Grey Gangsters, by Ann Scott Moncrieff

The last of Ann Scott Moncrieff‘s children’s books republished from the original in 1940. It features the original lively illustrations by Rojan, which complement this tale of the battle between the Scots red squirrels and the American grey squirrels. (End of July 2021)

The Hat Jewel, by Jean Findlay

Concluding the 2021 International Women series is The Hat Jewel by Jean Findlay. This historical novel explores the life of George Heriot, jeweller to King James VI, when he moves with the Court from Edinburgh to London to take over the English throne. (December 2021)