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Gerda Stevenson at West Linton Primary School

“Dear Scotland Street Press – as one of your authors, I just want to share this with you:
I’m so delighted to have been at West Linton Primary School yesterday for the unveiling of this BEAUTIFUL textile banner made by the pupils, lead by professional artist Deborah Campbell. This was part of a wonderful community project with which I’ve had the privilege to be involved.
18 months ago, The Friends and Family of Christian Small published a book of her wonderful paintings, drawings, montages, and appliqué: INSIDE & OUT: the Art of Christian Small. Publication would not have been possible without generous support from the Alice Hamilton Trust. The proceeds from sales of the book funded an art project at West Linton Primary School, and this wonderful banner is the result. The children in the attached photo are holding a framed textile appliqué made by Christian herself – which they used as inspiration for their own project – a group of images from the village of West Linton, her home for over 60 years, where she painted until her death in 2016. (The book sold out within 10 weeks, but has now been re-published by SCOTLAND STREET PRESS, so, thankfully, is available again!)”

@englishpen_‘s Collection of ‘Women in Translation’ Books

This beautiful collection includes Tania Skarynkina’s book of literary essays: A Large Czeslaw Milosz with a Dash of Elvis Presley. A chapter of this book can be found here.

@jake_reads_books’ Enthusiastic Review of Auntie Robbo

“Auntie Robbo by Ann Scott-Moncrieff⁣
Thanks to Scotland Street Press for sending me this wonderful ARC ahead of today’s release. This book was actually released nearly 80 years ago and thanks to this re-release will be able to thrill and enthrall a whole new generation of children and adults.⁣
⁣The story follows the octagenarian Auntie Robbo and her great-nephew Hector as they go on the run from his evil English stepmother and adventure around Scotland, getting into some scrapes along the way. ⁣
⁣This book is crazy because Auntie Robbo herself is so old she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She just wants to have fun in her twilight years. I loved the illustrations in this book too. I miss illustrations now that I have to read adult books. This book reminded me how much I appreciate a drawing of what’s going on. ⁣
⁣Remember to swipe left to see the other blogs posting about Auntie Robbo today. If you love a good old Scottish adventure then pick this beautiful book up today!”