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A Large Czeslaw Milozs With A Dash Of Elvis Presley by Tanya Skarynkina

£9.99 (MyBookSource)

£9.99 (Waterstones)

Black Snow Falling by L.J. MacWhirter

£11.69 (MyBookSource)

£12.99 (Waterstones)

The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps by Murray Lachlan Young
£9.99 (Paperback)

£11.69 (Hardback)

The Sweet Pea Man by Graham Martin

£17.99 (MyBookSource)

£24.99 (Waterstones)

Don’t Look Down: An Adventurous Life with MS by Roger Chisholm

£17.99 (MyBookSource)

£19.99 (Waterstones)

It Takes a Lifetime to Become Yourself  by Kay Carmichael

£8.99 (MyBookSource)

£9.99 (Waterstones)

A Land Girl’s Tale by Mona McLeod

£9.99 (MyBookSource)

£9.99 (Waterstones)

Freedom Found by Sara Trevelyan

£9.89  (MyBookSource)

£10.99 (Waterstones)

Errant Blood by C. F. Peterson

£8.99  (MyBookSource)

£9.99  (Waterstones)

9 Months in Tibet by Rupert Wolfe Murray

£11.69 (MyBookSource)

£12.99 (Waterstones)

Ant: Collected Short Stories, War Serials and Selected Poems of C. K. Scott Moncrieff, edited by Jean Findlay

£13.50 (MyBookSource)

Three Plays by Jean Findlay

£9.00 (MyBookSource)

Glimpses of the Middle East by Patience Moberly

£9.00 (MyBookSource)