Firkin & The Grey Gangsters


Category: Fiction, Scotland, Children and Young Adult
: 978-1-910895-15-3
Format: Paperback
Pages: 170
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Release date: July 2021

‘Sandy had never felt so wide awake. He contemplated the vast milky blue pond of the sky. The crescent moon, he thought, writhed in it like a little silver fish. How he would like to pin it down with his strong beak!’

Firkin and the Grey Gangsters is a collection of four tales in which animals are the heroes.

Firkin and the Grey Gangsters was in 1936 a metaphor for the fear of takeover by corporate America – Firkin is a young red squirrel who leads his people in a battle against a horde of grey squirrel invaders from America. Firkin speaks in Scots.

The Sheep who wasn’t a Sheep is about the thoughts going through the head of a sheep, swimming between
one Outer Isle and the other. The White Drake is a farmyard drake in Perthshire learning about flying.

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About the Author

Ann Scott-Moncreiff

‘… your mortal tongue
used for immortal use
the grace of a woman young
the air of an early muse
the wealth of a chambered brow and soaring flight of your eyes these are no longer now
death has a princely prize…’

– Edwin Muir in To Ann Scott-Moncreiff

Ann Scott-Moncrieff was born in Orkney in 1910 and died in Nairn in 1943. During her short life, she was a journalist, writer, and poet who was immortalized by Edwin Muir in his poem ‘To Ann’. This is a republication for school-age children of a neglected, talented Scottish female writer of the 1930s.