A Song to Keep: A kinship of poems and drawings (Limited Edition)


Olivia Findlay & Domenica de Ferranti

Category: Poetry & Art
: 9781910895535
Format: Hardback
Pages: 112
Price: £19.99
Release date: 1 May 2021

Sweet Blood

On heaven’s side- against ourselves- we have fought

Soaked in sweats of righteous thunder

With which we bloodied each other

Ever so tenderly

And though it never seemed enough

When the world stood against it

This love has kept up- the most intimate of wars

Through all these creaking years

This is a Limited Edition



A Song to Keep is a collection permeated with nostalgia and loss; songs of an immigrant community alienated in their own land, but pierced with fierce hope, faith in redemption, and a determination that we should all belong, which perhaps only the dispossessed can give voice to.

Artist Domenica de Ferranti produced charcoal drawings to complement the poems, which are both metaphysical and modern. She has worked together with Olivia.

About the Author

Olivia Findlay was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1973. She lived in Jo’burg and made her mark in the fashion industry in the country. A Song to Keep is influenced by her personal relationships with family and friends and the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands where she lives.

Domenica de Ferranti‘s work is mainly sculptural. She uses various materials, predominantly wood and bronze, to explore her understanding of humans, animals and trees as archetypal figures.