Forthcoming Titles

October 2018


by Antony Gardner

A virulent disease carried by foxes is spreading across Europe. In London an urgent cull is underway,  spearheaded by Frank Smith, the  young  Master  of the Hyde Park Hunt. But for Britain’s paranoid Prime Minister, fox flu is a chance to foist the ultimate in surveillance technology on an unsuspecting population: the Mulberry Tree system, secretly bought from the Chinese.

August 2018

A Large Czesław Miłosz With a Dash of Elvis Presley 

By Tania Skarynkina

Tania Skarynkina’s stories mix life in a small Belrusian town with thoughts on world literature, philosophers and poets. This book of literary essays was first published in 2015 and has been translated in to English by Jim Dingley.

Black Snow Falling

By L. J. MacWhirter

In 1592, a girl with spirit is a threat. Ruth has secrets. An old book of heresy belonging to her long-absent father. A dream that haunts her. And love that she and Silas hide from the world.

The Mystery of Raddlesham Mumps

By Murray Lachlan Young

The Mystery of Raddlesham Mumps is a modern ballad in verse form, reminescent of the Tale of Tam o’Shanter, but with a child protagonist. Crispin inherits a ghostly and ghastly stately pile, threatened by a curse and menaced by a demonic butler.

October 2018

Auntie Robbo

By Ann Scott-Moncrieff

Hector is an 11-year-old boy living near Edinburgh with his great auntie Robbo who is in her eighties. A woman calling herself his step-mother arrives from England and Hector and Auntie Robbo realise that they have to run away. The chase leads all over the north of Scotland, narrowly escaping police and the authorities, adopting three homeless children on the way.

Aboard the Bulger

Ann Scott-Moncrieff

Five children escape from a Children’s Home, run away and steal a boat, which they sail around the Outer Hebrides. This is the resurrection of a successful children’s adventure story.

Firkin & the Grey Gangsters

Ann Scott-Moncrieff

Firkin & The Grey Gangsters is a collection of three tales in which animals are the heroes: Firkin & the Grey Gangsters, The Sheep who wasn’t a Sheep and The White Drake.